You’ll find some of history’s most iconic cars in our 1:43 Collection range, each available with their own individual plastic showcases.

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  • First presented in 1946, the 4CV was a rebirth of sorts for the car-maker. Accessible to all, and greatly appreciated, this timeless masterpiece would become the first French car to sell more than one million units!

  • Leading the Peugeot vanguard as early as 1960, the 404 was built to several specifications (sedan, break, coupé, cabriolet, commercial and utility) in order to meet all of their clients’ expectations. It proved to be extremely reliable with the various rallies it endured, and as a result Peugeot managed to sell nearly 3 million units!

  • The traction (the name coming from its specific wheel drive) was the car that allowed Citroën to re-launch its sales, thanks to numerous technical innovations. World War II brought about its mythical status, being used by different armed forces as well as the post-war “Front wheel traction gangs”.

  • When you think “peace and love”, you think of the Combi van. All paths were open for this camper van configuration, and it was perfect for long distance trips, and was representative of a great deal of freedom.

  • Often considered to be the most beautiful of all the Mercedes in the land, the 300SL with its butterfly doors was the fastest in its heyday. It saw the light of day thanks to Max Hoffman, an American dealer, who was convinced that a variant of the competitive W194 would be an utter success.

  • The MG B is by definition THE British roadster. Smooth contour, lots of chrome and a sporty allure inside give this MG a “come hither” look to her . For the brand she represented their biggest sales, with some 350 000 units sold.

  • The version of this model is by far the most powerful with its 1300 engine. A true student’s car for all the sportsmen of the time, she became a icon in car racing, and managed to showcase a great many well-known pilots such as Thérier, Andruet or Jabouille thanks to the trophy that was reserved for her.

  • A quintessential leisure car, the Mehari Cabriolet is based off the platform of the Dyane, associated with ABS plastic bodywork. Its versatility allowed it to be adopted by a great many coast dwellers who were looking for a practical car for trips to the seaside or the countryside, but also by the French army who ordered over 7000 models! 

  • First appearing in 1948 the 203 was the only model sold by Peugeot until 1954. With nearly 700 000 units produced (all types included), she did not evolve much in 12 years, proof enough that she was one of the most well-designed cars to come out.

  • The 1302 was a revolution for the Beetle, with a modernised front axle and wheels giving more room to the boot, a Cardan box and various security elements either added or improved upon. All these modifications allowed the Volkswagen to make the Beetle last, all the while improving the finishing touches of its replacement, the Golf. 

  • First appearing in 1968, the W115 detracts from its predecessor, the W110, with a more classic design taking it away from the American style of the W110, in particular on the rear end of the vehicle. This classicism goes hand in hand with comfort and solidity that withstood the test of time. The proof of that is currently sitting Mercedes Benz’s museum,...

Showing 37 - 47 of 47 items