Our 1:43 Sports models are more realistic than ever, and suitable for even the most picky collector as well as for children of all ages.

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  • Although originally aiming for an American market, the Escalade was imported to Europe in 2006. This behemoth of a car, weighing in at 2.6 tonnes and with a girth of 2.05 metres, must feel rather claustrophobic in our narrow streets!

  • Roland Gumpert spent 35 years working for Audi before deciding to create his own supercar. Post-tuning, the V8 Audi that had been used for the Apollo had an astounding 650 hp, with the total weight of the car being no more than 1200 kg. Its top speed is 360 km/h.

  • Based on a concept car celebrating 100 years of Ford, the GT is a modern reimagining of the legendary GT40. Nods to the original model are numerous, and its distinctive form is immediately recognizable. With a very limited number of units made, buyers pushed and shoved so as to have a chance to try out its compressed V8 of 550 hp.

  • Designed by Bertone, the Countach had a career spanning 24 years, and would constantly be improved and evolve in order for it to remain at the top of the super car food chain. To this day it remains one of the most emblematic cars of the seventies and eighties.

  • Colin Chapman, creator of the Seven, went to great lengths to achieve his leitmotiv that dictated his every creation: “light is right”! Consequently, the Seven has the bare necessities… A chassis, four wheels, an engine, and a steering wheel!

  • The MP4-12C marked the return of McLaren as a roadworthy car manufacturer. Although she had some pretty big shoes to fill after the F1 that had marked the world of cars, the MP4-12C managed all the same to meet the expectations of her clients.

  • The Exige is one step ahead of the Elise 111R. The handling of the car has been improved and the closed “cockpit” gives ever more the sensation of being a racing driver!

  • The Stingray, a second generation Corvette, made its appearance in 1963. With several options for the engine, this car could go anywhere between 250 to 435 hp.

  • In just over twenty years, Koenigsegg has managed to become one of the biggest players in terms of supercar creations with out-of-this-world performances to match. Quality build, high tech materials used to limit the weight of the car and power nearly in the four digits: or in other words, the secret to the Agera!

  • BMW certainly managed to add on some wings to the X6 SUV. With 555 hp under the bonnet, the large amount of work done on her chassis makes this car’s handling certainly seem a far cry from the 2500kg that she weighs.

  • Taking as its muse the 300SL from 1954, the SLS plays on that neo-retro that has been all the rage these last few years. AMG added on its famous 571 hp V8 so that the performances would be as stunning as her beauty.

  • When the GT-R came into being, it revolutionised the market for sports cars. With identical performances to its rivals, it beat them all by halving the price! Add to that an annual update of the car, and you can easily understand how this model became a best seller.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items