The 1:64 scale is still an oddity in the world of collectables, but that doesn’t stopped our models from being very detailed. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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  • The latest evolution of the Beetle, the 1303 is nicknamed the Super Beetle due to its far more imposing proportions compared to its predecessors, as well as its “modern” chassis and more powerful engine.

  • The Golf GTi was the forerunner to compact sports cars. When it came out, coupés were synonymous of sports cars, but the GTi quickly managed to usurp its place.

  • This concept car bears the name of Nardò, a town in southern Italy best known for the Nardò Ring, where this particular car beat several world records back in 2002, of which notably the highest speed over a period of 24 hours, in which it held an average of 322,891 km/h.

  • The Volkswagen Type 14 (its official name) was a coupé designed by Ghia, and put together by Karmann. The chassis and its engine were borrowed from the Beetle. Nearly 500 000 units of this car would be sold during its 20 years of service, making it an iconic success story for the manufacturer.

  • Volkswagen played the neo-retro card back in 1998 with the arrival of the New Beetle. Paying homage to its predecessor with its rounded look, it opened the gates for other manufacturers to revisit the old glory days and bring out a few oldies again.

  • The New Beetle’s replacement decided to beef itself up a bit for this new incarnation, becoming a tad wider and lowering its roof, giving it a more stocky appearance. The option was also there to add a few elements that would be pay tribute to its predecessor, such as its iconic metallic rims, decor, etc.).

  • The most powerful Golf produced by Volkswagen, with a total 300 hp, the 7R has two defining attributes: the ability to be completely inconspicuous amongst other road users, all the while possessing exceptional performances and an irreproachable handling on the road.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items