Citroën 2CV 6

The TPV (Very small car) project was set in motion before the Second World War. A large survey was taken across the country to determine the needs for drivers in rural areas. On the 7th October 1948, the 2CV was officially presented. Equipped with a small bicylinder, it could fit up to 4 people in a very comfortable setting. The simplicity of the car was an advantage, and you could even enjoy the sun with the removable roof. The 2CV 6 appeared in 1968 and was equipped with a more powerful engine. It was produced until 1990. This car will be available in many versions, and it is the cow decoration that caught our eye this year. Legend states that a veterinarian created this design in order to be noticed, rather successfully it seems. However, do not look for this range in the Citroën catalog, it was indeed an unreleased 2CV!

Data sheet

Reference S1850028
Manufacturer Citroën
Year 1986
Scale 1:18
Color Vache
Opennings Doors / Bonnet
Wheels Directionnal

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