Citroën Dyane 6

In the middle of the sixties, sales for the Citroën 2CV were starting to feel the burn from its rival, the Renault R4. The brand decided to react by producing a profound evolution of the car. The Dyane’s name found its inspiration through the catalogue of names available with Panhard, recently purchased by the car manufacturer. Similarly to its rival, the Dyane was a hatchback, equipped with modern projectors integrated into the wings with a bi-cylinder engine derived from the model used for the other cars in the brand. Destined to replace the 2CV, the Dyane left the market before it, with its commercialization being terminated in 1983.

Data sheet

Reference S1800306
Manufacturer Citroën
Year 1967
Scale 1:18
Color Jaune jonquille
Opennings Doors
Wheels Directionnal

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