Porsche 911 RSR

As always with Porsche, when the German manufacturer associates 3 letters with the 911, one can only expect the best performances possible. With this RSR, you will get a glimpse at the heart of the Porsche legend. The model is all about efficiency with an air-cooled Flat 6 pushing 330 horsepower. The soundtrack is at as impressive as the accelerations, with lyrical flights beyond 8000 rpm. With such power for a weight of only 900 kilos, it needed excellent brakes, which would be borrowed from the 917. The handling is helped by 10 inch rims at the front and 14 inches at the back . Engaged in 1973 on the Tour Auto, it brings only happiness to those who see it on the modern version of the track today.

Data sheet

Reference S1801109
Manufacturer Porsche
Year 1973
Scale 1:18
Color Tour Auto
Opennings Doors
Wheels Directionnal

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