"To each his H, always the same and yet always different", they used to say of Citroën. Succeeding the famous "Tub" (Low Utility Traction), the H or HY, was a phenomenal success, and was produced for over 30 years: shopkeepers,

holidaymakers, alongside law enforcement officials, everyone had one. It is a very distinctive car, thanks to its undulating sheet metal granting it more rigidity. The various callsigns for the car (HZ, H, HY, HP, HX and HW) depended on the shape of the bodywork and the acceptable load (for the HY, 1500 at first, then 1600 kg). Paying homage to the car, this metal 1/18th replica with its metal grey livery (born grey, dead grey they say) reproduces every detail of the original model. A perfect gift for "sheet metal" aficionados.

Data sheet

Reference S1850006
Manufacturer Citroën
Year 1969
Scale 1:18
Color Blue
Opennings Doors / Boot
Wheels Directionnal

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