The 4L was designed to rival the Citroen 2CV; consequently it was logical that a utility version of the car would be designed. The Renault 4 van made its first appearance a short while after the sedan in the 1962. It replaced the ageing Juvaquatre. In 1974, there were two variants of the van, the R4F4 the R4F6, the latter of which was longer. The R4 van was used in nearly every sector in France that was benefiting from a consequent economic boom at the time. The postal service, owned by the State, ordered its first 4Ls in 1962. It was in fact at this time that Renault started producing the yellow versions of its van. One notable feature of the car is that there is no passenger seat, the latter having been replaced by a letter tray.

Data sheet

Reference S1802203
Manufacturer Renault
Year 1975
Scale 1:18

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