Born on the 18th April 1934, the Citroën Traction marked history. As soon as it came into the world with its innovations – of which traction control, from which it draws its names – and in 1936, when the development cost of the sedan bankrupted the firm, and its eventual takeover by Michelin.

This traction, after having been requisitioned by the German army, was captured by the French Forces of the Interior (FFI), and would serve its purpose in the liberation of Paris. Adorned with the French flag so as to avoid it being mistaken for a German target, it would remain engraved in everyone's memory thanks to the FFI letters on the side doors. It has since become emblematic of the French resistance.

Data sheet

Reference S1800902
Manufacturer Citroën
Year 1944
Scale 1:18
Opennings Forward doors / Bonnet
Wheels Directionnal
Version FFI
Quantities produced 1500

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