To replace the mythical, albeit ageing, Pagode, Mercedes Benz set up a strict and ambitious project. The SL would have to be a perfect synthesis of style, luxury, comfort and sport to appeal to its target audience: the wealthy American. When it came out the SL Type R107 was equipped with an 8-cylinder engine of 245 horsepower. Its transmission was ensured by an automatic 5-gear, channeled into a RWD. Its top speed was 230 km/h, all the while being seated in a comfortable leather binnacle. Hollywood made a household name of this hard-top coupé, with the likes of Bobby Ewing -(Dallas), Jonathan Hart (Hart to Hart), or Eddy Murphy (Beverly Hills Cop) sitting behind the wheel.

Data sheet

Reference S4302200
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Scale 1:43

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