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OttOmobile was created in 2009, and since we have launched two highly successful brands including OttOmobile, specialized in manufacturing European models on a 1:18 scale, and its latest addition, GT Spirit, specialized in manufacturing five iconic luxury car brands: Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Bentley.

The Simba Dickie Group, having seen OttOmobile and GT Spirit’s enormous success and looking to revitalize its Solido brand, contacted us to exchange ideas. The result: over the next ten years, we will be taking on the product development, manufacturing, and commercialization of Solido.

We have envisioned numerous improvements and innovations. For starters, we are launching a 1:18 scale model, a range that will represent 50% of our production. Our goal is to return Solido to its fundamental mission of providing beautiful, durable miniatures at an affordable price.

Since the beginning, our success has been a result of our enthusiasm, passion and love for model cars. Solido, first manufactured in France in the 1930s, represents the start of this industry and although it has suffered from a plethora of market challenges, we plan on putting all our hearts into revitalizing this legendary brand. Over the last 80 years, loyal patrons have kept the Solido brand alive, and we will continue to offer cars with the same durability and affordability, albeit with a few innovations.