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The Renault 5 Turbo, the sports version of the urban Renault, was entirely rethought. Its purpose was to validate the 400 units necessary to accredit it for rally-driving. Its Cléon Fonte engine was redesigned by Alpine. With its newly-installed turbo, it could reach 160 hp, and had 1.4 liters. The positioning of the propulsion unit was changed, placing it in the middle of the rear of the car so as to distribute weight more evenly. The 5 Turbo consequently became a propulsion car and would have 1678 units produced before being replaced by the Turbo 2.

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1 review for RENAULT 5 TURBO – ROUGE GRENADE – 1981

  1. Yannick

    I really love this model, this is my dream car and It is very detailed. I was surprised that the engine cover comes off, and you can see the detailed engine with the spark plug wires.
    There are a lots of details, spare tire in the front, brake reservoir and master cylinder, front fan and shroud even when you flip the car over, you can see the suspension arms in metalic color, transmission… Very very nice.
    I have a little complaint about this car though:
    – the antenna was not well attached, it kept coming off, I had to glue it in palce.
    – On my model, the blue and red interior color is very washed out.
    – The steeriing wheel turns the opposite way ( if you turn the front wheels to the left, the steering wheel turns to the right.

    I wished that they would include some type of suspensions on those models, like they do on the 1/64 majorette models

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