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Solido in a few words…

Solido, a brand reminiscent of childhood

PresseFor many Solido is synonymous of one’s childhood and the small cars with which one would play every day. Thanks to their solid design, the small Solido cars were perfectly adapted to the rough and tumble often associated with children playing. The nostalgia of childhood is obvious when you think about it, given that the brand dates back to 1932, and has marked several generations of car aficionados young and old as it has crossed through the decades.

Since those first years, the company created by Ferdinand de Vazeilles has kept on rolling, and more importantly has kept on producing metal, lovingly crafted model cars.

Solido nowadays

After a lengthy odyssey that included factory closures and acquisitions, Solido is now well and truly back in business. Based in Josselin in the Morbihan, Solido offers up a wide variety of models for all generations to enjoy. Older cars like the 2CV and HY are flanked by Youngtimers and modern cars: in short, cars for the whole family, whether they be fans of commercial vehicles or rally cars. Today, a wide variety of 1:18 models are on offer in the Solido catalogue.

This scale allows the French brand to produce a more precise version that is closer to the original car.


Solido, the main dates

  • 1932: Ferdinand de Vazeilles, founder and CEO of the Nanterre Precision Foundry, files a patent to create toys that can be assembled and modified. It’s the start of the adventure.
  • 1934: creation of the Solido brand
  • 1953: Ferdinand de Vazeilles’ son, Jean, have the idea of ​​creating real cars’ reproductions.
  • 1957: The new and cult 100 series is launched with the Jaguar Type D Le Mans. The 1:43 scale is chosen to compete with Dinky Toys.
  • 1960: Solido launches the first range of military vehicles.
  • 1974: the factory move from Issy-la-Bataille to Oulins.
  • 1978: Ferdinand de Vazeilles’ children, Jean and Charlotte, leave their post. The story between the Vazeilles family and Solido ends there.
  • 1980: Solido is bought by Majorette.
  • 2003: Solido becomes the property of Smoby (which will be bought by Simba-Dickie in 2008).
  • 2006: Smoby closes the Oulins factory. An auction is organized. Some molds will be bought by other brands when a large part of the Solido heritage is destroyed! Production is relocated to China.
  • 2015: Simba-Dickie gives to Z Models (Ottomobile & GT Spirit), a French company specializing in 1/18 scale vehicles, the management of Solido.


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